weekend in the woods

My family and I spent the past Friday night in the woods. The night was a bit cool, but the day was beautiful and we had a great time. Our son being young it was his first experience at camping. Expecting the weather to be cool, we packed accordingly and remained quite warm throughout the night.

As we were leaving yesterday, I felt refreshed and exhausted. It’s amazing how one night away from the troubles of everyday life amongst the created beauty of a national forrest and cool, rock-bed creek can refresh the soul. Camping is work, too, ya know. Where else do we subject ourselves to putting up shelter and bedding in the dark, waking up early to start the fire and waiting an hour or more for the coffee to be ready? Cooking outdoors? Cleaning dishes without a diswasher? Isn’t it easier to just drive through at McDonalds or swing by Starbucks for a no-foam latte and a bran muffin?

Many would disagree, but I love camping. In fact, the more primitive, the better. I do not recognize the noise of my life until I wake next to a creek in the middle of the woods to crickets chirping and birds singing. When all you hear is the sound of your own breath and the crackle of a warm fire, you are forced to listen to your heart and commune with the creator. What a blessing it has been for me to spend just one night with my family and my God.


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