memorial day 2008

Approximately 1pm Sunday, May 25th, 2008, and a friend and I were headed north to the Caney Creek Wilderness… It had been too long since I’d been backpacking! Granted, in this part of the world Memorial Day typically signifies the beginning of summer and NOT just because schools have let out or will let out soon: Memorial day usually is around the beginning of 90+ degree weather and incredible humidity! This trip had been planned for a while, but with my wife and I receiving our second marriage blessing (2nd son), the trip was put on hold until now. Besides, with a holiday on Monday what better time to go?

It had been at least 5 years (before 1st blessing was born) since I had been on a backpacking trip and now that I’m 120lbs lighter I expected a much easier trip. A much easier (though still difficult at times) is exactly what I got and despite the 30-40% chance of rain in the forecast as well as 90+ weather and high humidity, under the cover of the trees and near the (COLD!) creek the weekend was quite lovely and the foliage of the forest was beautiful.

Of course, I have picked off 10 ticks since leaving the woods, but everything’s a trade-off, isn’t it?

How glorious and liberating it is to spend a piece of time in utter wilderness. Life takes on different priorities, the hustle and bustle that we typically endure vanishes and instead turns to enjoyment of natural beauty, greater enjoyment of a home cooked meal and a freshly perked cup of coffee on a cool morning near the creek. Instead of the sounds of lawn mowers, speeding automobiles, factories, etc. you awake to the gurgling of the creek, crickets, and tree frogs. How great is that!

I’m very thankful for the trip this weekend, however brief it was, as well as the growing new friendship and camaraderie. Now that I’ve returned to “normal” life, I’m more thankful for a cool cup of water (that I didn’t have to boil and cool in the creek first), the fresh coffee in the morning, and benadryl cream (tons of bug bites!). Oh, yes, and much more thankful for all the blessings in my life: my wife, 1st blessing (older son), and my beautiful baby 2nd blessing…


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