benefits of loving God with all of your mind…

Granted, all people are not created the same. Some prefer poetry with its allegories and beautiful mystery while others prefer the bullet statements found in a DIY or how-to book. God in his providence provided both in the words left in the bible, in both the Jewish scriptures and the books of the New Covenant. My wife and I are a good combination as she prefers and better understands the former, while I prefer a more literal, step-by-step guide. Perhaps that’s why we are to live amongst a community of believers as church, right?

I’ve been thankful for our community of truth-seekers on two occasions today. I’m thankful for today, as I am not always able to say such about the believer communities I’ve known and been connected to. In our Sunday morning group, we have been stumbling through the book of Revelation with today speaking from chapter 19 with all of it’s prophetic words and allegorical language. With each member’s understanding and contributions to the class, I feel as though I exited the discussion with a more comprehensive view of chapter 19 and, above all, a greater faith that God has history in HIS control and what happens will happen for His purpose and His glory.

Likewise, a Sunday evening group began a few weeks ago to discuss varying biblical doctrines and ideas in order to weigh them in prayer and against the scriptures. The Christian world has so many different ideas and divisions! I hope and pray that we can approach all the upcoming ideas with a humble heart and seeking only truth. Time will be the tell.


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