either things are getting darker or someone forgot to turn on the lights…

I began the last post intending to combine the two; however, the first became lengthy on its own and I decided to split the two thoughts.

Over the past several months since the release of the move “The Golden Compass” there has been much talk about Pullman’s fantastical series, particularly in comparison to the also-recently made into movie fantasys of both J. R. R. R. R. R. R. R. R. R……Tolkein (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Hobbit – to be coming, I understand – yeah, so what if there are ONLY two R’s) and C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia (which have produced two Disney movies in recent years – The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian). A dear friend of ours recently entered into conversation with Jo concerning the Golden Compass and she and I decided to check out the stories for ourselves. I went to our public library last evening only to find it already closed and instead rented the DVD which we watched last night.

Having watched the movie, I see many differences between the three fantasys. I don’t wish to go into all the detail right now, but here are a few items I see as problematic:
1. I don’t like the familiarity the characters use when talking about daemons and witches, nor do I like that the story paints those things as “good guys”.
2. I don’t like that the “Magisterium” – aka the church/God – (although the “church” has done many deplorable things over history in the name of control and religion is painted as purely evil and trying to keep people from “enlightenment” about the “dust”
3. I don’t the idea that the Magisterium’s plan to “remove the children from their daemons” is painted in a cruel and evil light leaving the children as something not too unlike robots without vibrance, life, etc.

There’s plenty more that can be said. I do intend to look into more in order to provide a full argument against the series. I’ll leave things at this for now.


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