growing older

This past Saturday, July 26th, 2008, I turned 30. Thirty-something just sounds so much older and “adult” than does a number beginning with “twenty”. The reality of my 30th birthday has been “staring me in the face” for quite a while now. I don’t exactly know why. 16 was a big deal because then I could drive and 18 was a big deal because then I registered with selective service and registered to vote. No birthday since then has really felt like a big deal. 25 was kinda weird, but nothing like “30” has been.

Knowing that 30 was coming has produced some life change: as of this past Thursday I have officially lost over 130lbs and now “officially” weigh in at less than 200lbs. Weight watcher folks call it “One-derland”. It’s a nice place to be. In addition to our health, we’ve also re-visited our budget and fine-tuned some things with future in mind. Those two very responsible actions along with a young family with two boys now, in addition to serving as a deacon at our church and now having been in practice in my profession for 8+ years, I guess I was an adult already: turning 30 just made it sound as such.

I don’t fear my adulthood, by the way. Mom says I’ve always been “a little adult”. I welcome responsibility and the ability to effect change in others lives as well as the world which surrounds me.

Anyway, happy (belated) birthday to myself. It was a great day and I look forward to a second chapter in my life…


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  1. Ginny

    Murphy smuphy! 🙂 Hey, I enjoyed this blog. You know I turned 30 last month. It is kinda weird. But since my husband is 10 yrs older than me I guess I didn’t find it all too terribly strange. But non-the-less, I also feel more ‘adult like’. So, I’m trying myself to get my finances inline. It’s difficult. By the way, congratulations on the weight loss!!! I’m still juggling mine, but anyway, I’m so happy for you & Jo baby n yer kiddos!!! Miss you guys a bunch.

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