Election Day should be a National Holiday

By all accounts, today’s presidential election could see record voter turn-outs.  That’s great news!  It disgusts me to think there are American’s who fore-go their fought-and-died-for right to cast a vote for any and all elections. 

Seeing the long lines on news broadcasts and at local polling stations leads me once more to ask, “Why is Election Day not a national holiday?”

If today were a holiday, the majority of us wouldn’t have to work, there would be more available volunteers for polling stations, shorter lines, and (possibly) more people would cast a vote.  Why has this not already happened?  At the very least, the presidential election should become a holiday!

So, if it were, would you host an election results watching party?  What kind of spread would you serve your guests?  What would be the beverage of choice?


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One response to “Election Day should be a National Holiday

  1. Melanie

    Yes I would be in favor of a National Holiday on Election Day.
    I worked many years in the polls.
    As election commissioner one of my many jobs was to gather volunteers for the polling places.

    Many times this was the main argument.

    I would host an election day party….IF I was not at the court house tallying the votes.

    Depending on the weather it would either be a grill feast, or a chili feast……
    finger food and munchies that don’t require a lot of preparation and can be eaten while standing up.
    There would be booze….ha!(love you)
    But I would with hold it until after the results were in.

    My guest would be welcome to toast the winner or cry in defeat.
    And you know me Brian, I would have an eclectic gathering of friends….
    Some from all sides, who value and respect differences of opinions. Knowing that open debate is one of the things that allows America to be strong.

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