Brian's Top 20 CD's (so far)

Everyone loves a top 5/10/20 list, don’t they? Here’s my top 20 most influential CD’s in my life thus far. I started playing guitar at 19, so some of these simply influenced my life at the time and/or defined a period of my life. Many of these have greatly influenced me musically.

Enjoy! (in no particular order – for the most part)

1. Rich Mullins – A Liturgy, A Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band
2. Rich Mullins – The Jesus Record
3. DC Talk – Jesus Freak
4. Audio Adrenaline – Don’t Censor Me
5. Chris Rice – Deep Enough to Dream
6. Andrew Peterson – Carried Along
7. Andy Gullahorn – Room to Breathe/Reinventing the Wheel (okay, so that’s 2 it’s my list and I’ll add what I want!)
8. Steven Curtis Chapman – Heaven in the Real World
9. Caedmon’s Call – 40 Acres
10. Jars of Clay – Jars of Clay
11. OC Supertones – Chase the Sun
12. Third Day – Third Day
13. Jennifer Knapp – Kansas
14. Passion 99: Better is One Day
15. 100 Portraits/Waterdeep – Enter the Worship Circle
16. 100 Portraits – Time Will be the Tell
17. Sara Groves – Conversations
18. Layton Howerton – Boxing God
19. Nickel and Dime – 3 Days in March
20. Derek Webb – She Must and Shall Go Free

The astute observer will recognize there are several debut CD’s/albums on that list – that is no accident. This is not to say that I do not appreciate and/or love the artist’s other works, but so many times (for me, anyway) it’s the first one that grabs my soul that acts as a gateway for more love for their music.

What CD’s would you add/remove from the list?



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5 responses to “Brian's Top 20 CD's (so far)

  1. shannon

    I’m not a passion fan… but I am curious if you’ve heard the collection (I think it’s a two disc set) from Jennifer Knapp, it’s a compilation from all her CDs (I’m so sad she’s disappeared from the face of the earth). What about the other Chris Rice CDs?

    We love Rich Mullins and Caedmon’s Call – Waterdeep is pretty awesome too…

    I don’t know how you narrowed it down to only 20…

  2. Jennifer

    Yes, we love these top 20 list and I must say our list would over lap quite a bit. I would recommend Indelible Grace to you. They breathe new musical life into old hymns. I loved the Phil Keaggy cd “Way Back Home” and I absolutely love Russ Taff’s “Farther On”. I may add Christine Dente, Margaret Becker and one more chicks album “Along the road”, and you forgot Keith Green by accident, right? 🙂

    Non-overtly Christian choices would be: It’s a beautiful day by U2, Joni Mitchells “Blue” album and um…the Wailing Jennys. My favs on your list are Rich Mullins, 100 portraits, Jars of Clay, and Sara Groves.

  3. Brian

    I have not heard the J. Knapp 2-disc set, but I did know it was out there. As for your comment, Jennifer, I like Keith Green’s stuff but he didn’t make the top 20. It is what it is!

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