OU's Bradford: The 2008 Heisman Award Winner

I did not watch the Heisman award ceremonies last night, so this morning I awoke eager to discover the winner of Division I College Football’s most prestigious award. Not wishing to find shoes to walk down to pick up the paper, I turned to foxsports.com to read of the winner.

The 2008 Heisman trophy went to… Sam Bradford?

Yesterday, while giving blood at a local United Blood Services center, I met a local UT Longhorn fan. Living in a Texas border city, this is an often occurrence. He and I were not acquainted before yesterday, but his fanaticism was easily ascertained – he worn a burnt orange t-shirt, socks, hat, and jacket all displaying his loyalty to the esteemed Texas university located in Austin, Texas. I began our conversation asking about Longhorn-nation opinion of the Big 12 South’s tiebreaker and therefore a lost opportunity to play in the championship game (which he stated without reservation that Longhorn-nation was disgruntled) but conversation quickly turned toward Saturday night’s announcement of the Heisman award. We discussed the merits of the three (of course, he was of the opinion it should go to UT’s Colt McCoy) and both agreed that we would be surprised if the 2007 Heisman winner, Florida’s Tim Tebow, won this year as the Heisman voters appear to be greatly hesitant to give the award to the same person twice (while I am a U of A Arkansas Razorbacks fan and thus an SEC fan, I didn’t necessarily expect and/or push for Tebow to win). We spoke of the merits of the Oklahoma Sooners offense and their explosiveness particularly during the back end of the season, but neither of us gave credence to Bradford’s probability of winning, placing him third on our list (not that we get a vote anyway): McCoy, Tebow, and then Bradford.

How surprised was I to learn this morning that Bradford won! So, scrapped are the ideas of writing of Tebow’s two-time winning of the esteemed award, tossed is the notion of writing of McCoy’s winning though snubbed out of the chance for a National Championship, and trashed is the notion of writing of McCoy’s success with Heisman voting when fellow UT Quarterback Vince Young was passed over during his Championship Season just a few years ago.

At the end of the conversation with Longhorn fan yesterday, I made the statement that regardless of my opinion, I would not be surprised if any of the three won. Sure enough, though Tebow had the most first place votes, Bradford had the most points, McCoy the second and Tebow the second runner-up. Peter Schrager with foxsports.com reports this was the closest Heisman voting since 2001 when Nebraska’s Eric Crouch won over Florida’s Rex Grossman and Miami’s (the U) Ken Dorsey.

Congratulations, Sam Bradford. You’ve earned the right to be called the 2008 Heisman winner. It is good to know that the three top guys this year are good guys and good role models. AS Pete Schrager reports,

“Each of them, hanging out together all week — both in Orlando on Thursday and in New York this weekend — have a shared appreciation for each other any football purist would only hope they would. Each player is about their families, their teammates, and their faith.

“If the three of them were to make up some sort of 2008 college football ‘Rat Pack,’ well, you’d imagine the night involving a game of Monopoly and some milk and cookies; not exactly a free-for-all made for the blogs and Facebook.

“Perhaps, in this age of the modern student athlete — that’s the true sign of leadership. Setting the example for others and focusing on a shared goal. Bradford, McCoy and Tebow embodied just that this year.”

A hearty “thank you” to all three of you for standing up and accepting the roles of leadership and role modeling. What an incredible college football season 2008 has been.

As for the national championship game in Miami on January 8th: GO (SEC) GATORS!



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6 responses to “OU's Bradford: The 2008 Heisman Award Winner

  1. craigchurch

    Bradford truly handled the victory last night with grace and humility, seems like a great young man.

    Now lets just hope this trio of QBs goes on to have better pro careers than the class you mentioned of Grossman, Dorsey, Crouch.

    • Brian

      It’s possible, I suppose, though it sounds like none of the three (or Graham Harrell) have a very high projected draft status. It all remains to be seen, I suppose…

      Crouch could’ve been a great return guy and 4th or 5th reciever, possibly. Grossman and Dorsey could still improve as they’re still playing, though none of them (most likely) will be HOFers.

  2. Michael Mason-D'Croz

    Actually, Sam Bradford has a very high draft stock. He’s got the combination of size, athleticism and strong arm that the NFL is looking for. At this point in time — without the combine or anymore games, he’s projected as a mid-to-late first round pick.

    With a good showing in the BCS Championship and a good combine, Bradford could end up in the Top-10 picks this year. If he stays, then almost certainly he’ll be in the Top-10 next year.

    Tebow has been talked about as a possible second round pick — although no one knows what position he’ll play in the NFL. However, McCoy and Harrell are both projected as second day picks at best — McCoy probably in the fifth and Harrell in the sixth or seventh round…

    • Brian

      Thank you for the comment. I haven’t heard talk of Bradford going that high, but he’s a sophomore, isn’t he? Did he red-shirt one year? That would be the only way he’d be able to come out.

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