yesterday's ceremonies

I was working yesterday, January 20, 2009, but the students weren’t at school due to a teacher/staff work day; therefore, I was able to watch the ceremonies in a neighboring classroom. I’ve spent much of my time since pondering the significance of yesterday’s activities.

I missed Rick Warren’s invocation as well as the swearing into office and entered the ceremonies just after President Obama began his speech. I was able to read the invocation on google reader this morning via The Resurgence blog.

President Obama has philosophies and plans that I don’t necessarily agree with, but will pray that God give him wisdom as he leads our great nation and appreciate both Rick Warren’s invocation as well as Joseph Lowrey’s benediction.

I admit that I wasn’t acquainted with Dr. Lowrey prior to yesterday’s events. I do, however, appreciate and respect his involvement in the civil rights movement of the 60’s and was greatly honored that he participated in yesterday’s events. I entirely respect the good fight that has been fought, especially here in the deep south, by men, women, teachers, ministers, politicians, poets, authors, etc. to overcome such horrendous predijuces that existed and persist in many hearts to today. I pray that one day it will all go away, but even so, come quickly, Lord…

May today begin a new era in our glorious country not only because of a change in leadership, but hopefully signifying a change in heart amongst Americans regarding those with a skin color different than our own…


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