10 Things I Appreciate About my Wife

1. She’s beautiful and makes pictures of the two of us look good.
2. She’s great with both deep and fun conversation.
3. Jo is a wonderful mom to our two boys and finds absolute joy in being their mother.
4. Jo has a wonderful sensitivity toward people who are hurting, who grieve because of their sin, who are/have been victims of injustice, violence, prejudice, etc.
5. She has a deep and beautiful hunger to know God and to make Him known to the nations.
6. Jo does not shy from pouring herself out on behalf of others who need her presence, talents, time, and energy.
7. She seeks to make our house a home and a respite for the growth and well-being of our family.
8. She makes our home beautiful and welcoming to visitors, family, and friends.
9. Jo has a wonderful gift for fashion and a deep conviction for modesty. I think she balances the two beautifully.
10. I love her beautiful eyes and smile and they are “home” to me.



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2 responses to “10 Things I Appreciate About my Wife

  1. Jo

    (Jo speaking here) My darling. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Every day I am awed to discover how much more the man of my dreams you are than I could ever have imagined. I continue to be humbled and honored to think that God considers me your match. May He continue to bless you as you seek His kingdom.

  2. Jennifer

    Y’all are such good examples of how great marriage can be if you do things God’s way! So glad to have met you both in college, seen you come together, and now see how the Lord is continuing to use you, expand your lives and your ministry! Bless this couple, Lord!

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