"Green" Acres

Reading the Backpacker.com blog this morning through Google Reader, I was introduced to this 25 year-old man who lives full-time in a tepee. Mr. Jonathan Paulson traps animals, makes his own fire, has bear skins, deer skins, and sleeps under a hippopotamus skin.

As much as my wife dreads me even thinking this way, I must admit that this kind of lifestyle is attractive. Some time ago I cam across a site for simple solar homesteading and have been intrigued with the thought of living (at least somewhat) “off-grid”.

Now, I don’t really think it’s practical, especially for a family of four, without MAJOR compromises in our quality of life, but it sounds cool nonetheless. I do think it would be cool to have a solar-powered cabin to retreat to from time to time. That would be ideal!

So many days, though I enjoy the wonderful technology of the early 21st century, I crave a more simple life. I wonder what it is about an agrarian or hunter/gatherer lifestyle that is attractive. Have we over-romanticized the idea of a simpler, slower pace of life?

Perhaps it’s the longing for the garden of eden: the paradise that we were created for. Hmm, I wonder…



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3 responses to “"Green" Acres

  1. Jo

    I think that the garden of Eden memory is within all of us – an alluring picture of hard work without sweat or backpain, the pleasure of foraging without the curse of empty bellies.

  2. Jo

    Darling I love you, but give me Park Avenue. 🙂

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