Guest Post on Consuming Worship

Please visit the Consuming Worship blog by Jeff Miller.

Jeff began a series entitled “Worship Wednesday” a few weeks ago and invited some of his readers to write a guest post for “What Worship Means to Me”. I volunteered to write and he has graciously accepted and has posted my response today. Please visit Consuming Worship and look around his site. I’m sure he would be more than happy to gain new readers and subscribers!



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3 responses to “Guest Post on Consuming Worship

  1. Hey this is brilliant brian. Thanks!

    Fancy guest blogging for me in June?

  2. Brian

    Thank you for YOUR encouragement, Boaly. As for guest-blogging, I’d be more than happy to. Do you have something in mind?

  3. I don’t have any topic in mind yet, but trying to prepare for my holidays, so i take a week off & hand the blog over to others for that week or so.

    I couldn’t find your email, mine’s

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