What do you expect from Jesus?

Part 1 of 3

Peter didn’t get it. He missed the point. Jesus was talking and Peter was so focused on what he thought he knew, he only heard the part that fit into his preconceived ideas.

In John 13:31-38, we see a Peter that I think many of us can relate to.

Jesus and the disciples had just finished their passover meal together and prior to the meal Jesus had washed each of the disciples’ feet. During the passover meal, Jesus reported to the group that one of them would betray him. He identified Judas in verse 26 and in 27 told him to “Hurry. Do it now.”

In verse 31 Jesus begins by saying it was time for him to “enter into (his) my glory”. I’m no Greek scholar and I find many translations of this passage to be confusing. I’m choosing the NLT because it seems more clear and it reads with a much more personal tone. That having been said, I’m sure there’s more than one argument against my thinking on this verse. But, clues from Peter’s responses later in this chapter and then again in the garden when he cuts off Malchus’s ear, lead me to believe that through all the confusion of talk of betrayal, etc. at the passover meal, Peter thinks Jesus is saying that it’s time for the uprising. After all, Jesus was supposed to be the conquering Messiah, the son of David, was he not? Yet, if that were the case, Peter had no understanding why Jesus would be saying it was time for him to go away and yet Peter could not follow. That didn’t fit into Peter’s “Messiah” paradigm.

Peter seemed to be letting his ideas about Jesus, about what Peter expected Jesus to do, get in the way of who Jesus actually was and the purpose he came to fulfill… do we do the same?

To be continued…


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