Where's your passion?

Part 2 of 3

Peter was certainly passionate. Many times he was the first to take a chance, the first disciple to offer an opinion. In this case, however, his passion clouded his ability to see and understand Jesus.

In John 13:31-38, we see a Peter that I think many of us can relate to.

In verse 37 Peter proclaims, “‘But why can’t I come now, Lord?’ he asked. ‘I am ready to die for you.'”

Certainly Peter was full of passion. We see that displayed in his life time and time again: walking on the water, cutting off Malchus’s ear, and proclaiming here that he was ready to die for Jesus. It seems likely to me that Peter had his sword close by. After all, it’s recorded that they went from the upper room directly to the garden where Jesus was arrested. His statement here in 37 indicates that he was ready for battle.

Here’s the problem: Jesus didn’t come to fight a war. His “glory” to come wasn’t any glory imaginable by human standards. His “glory” was to come by way of the humiliating, cursed Roman cross. Peter wasn’t prepared for this. While he was “ready to die” for Jesus in battle, he wasn’t prepared to simply follow Jesus to death.

Peter was passionate, but for the cause – not for following the Savior.

If you have passion, zeal, enthusiasm: is it for a specific cause or is it for following a risen Savior?

To be continued…


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