Are you ready?

Part 3 of 3

Peter stated that he was ready to die for Jesus. Jesus showed him that he wasn’t yet prepared for what was to come. Are you ready?

In John 13:31-38, we see a Peter that I think many of us can relate to.

“(37) ‘But why can’t I come now, Lord?’ he asked. ‘I am ready to die for you.’ (38) Jesus answered, ‘Die for me? No, before the rooster crows tomorrow morning, you will deny three times that you even know me.'”

Peter thought he knew about the Messiah and what Jesus was supposed to do while here on earth. He was passionate for this cause. As a result, he was not prepared for what was about to happen. Contrary to his statement in verse 37, Peter was not ready to follow Jesus and, in fact, Matthew’s gospel account records that Peter swore with the third denial and immediately the rooster crowed. It was then the words of Jesus “flashed through Peter’s mind: ‘Before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times.’ And he (Peter) went away, crying bitterly.”

Not much later in the story we find Peter preaching with boldness on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2), healing (Acts 3:6), and being a large part of the early church including writing two books of the New Testament (1st and 2nd Peter). The later boldness of Peter was not present on the night of Jesus’ arrest, trial, beatings, and later crucifixion. What we do see is a Peter who “wept bitterly” (Matthew 26:75).

It seems to me that Peter had to be broken to be useful. All the false ideas and perceptions he had about Jesus had to be taken away. He had to see Jesus NOT as Peter thought he would be, but as he truly was. He had to be able to see Jesus not as Messiah son of David, a military leader and ruler King, but as Messiah son of Joseph, the suffering Messiah and Savior foretold in Isaiah 53.

Do you come to Jesus (church, prayer, the bible) with your expectations of Him?

Do we come with an idea of what His works are supposed to look like?

Or, do you simply come to Jesus and submit your life and your will to His authority and the authority of His word?


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