My Favorite Top 10 Songs to Sing/Play

Because everyone loves a good list, I thought I’d create one. This past Sunday our church hosted its annual Homecoming service. We always have regular bible study, worship time (usually with a guest preacher (former pastor, youth minister, member who went on to ministerial service, etc.), we share lunch together outside under the trees, and then reconvene for an hour or so of celebration time where we share songs, poems, stories, etc. I’ve always loved Homecoming.

This past Sunday, I decided I’d share a couple of songs that I’ve loved to play for years and have played and sang multiple times. This has led me to think about all the songs that have meant so much to me that, though written by someone else, so explicitly speak the thoughts and feelings from deep within my soul. So, here goes my top 10 list of songs that I have enjoyed playing and singing over the past 10+ years (in no particular order):

1. Clumsy by Chris Rice
2. Two Sets of Jones’ by Big Tent Revival
3. Thief by Third Day
4. Come, Lord Jesus by Andrew Peterson
5. Martyrs and Theives by Jennifer Knapp
6. Boy Like Me, Man Like You by Rich Mullins
7. Surely God is with Us by Rich Mullins
8. Shifting Sand by Caedmon’s Call
9. Painting Pictures of Egypt by Sara Groves
10. High Noon by Andrew Peterson

I love so many by most of these artists, but here’s a pretty good top 10 list. I must wonder, what does my love for these songs say about me?

Are there any you’d add?


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