Weight Watchers and a Bicycle Crash

I thouht I’d share this story with you:

Yesterday morning, I had decided that I was going to ride my bicycle to WW so I left out the front door at 8:11am by my watch. I knew it would be hard to make it by 9am, but I was willing to try the challenge anyway. Well, I know more than rode to the end of our driveway than I wrecked my bike. I was just focused on hurrying (usually a problem, right?) and was going too fast when I hit the gathered loose gravel at the end of the driveway. As I was turning to go onto the road, my back tire went left and I went down. I scraped up the palms of my hands pretty badly, my right knee and leg and right elbow with pretty minor abrasions.

I walked the bike up the hill to the house, walked to the back of the house to the bathroom to wash off my hands, and fainted. I aroused, made it to the toilet and sat only to faint again and fall to the floor. Jo says I woke once more and tried to stand, soaped up my left hand, turned on the water, and fainted to the floor yet a third time. At this point, I fell and rested against the wall. Jo attempted to speak to me and arouse me and quickly became scared because I wasn’t responding. She laid me down, raised my feet, placed a cool wash-rag onto my head and called mom and dad for backup.

To make a long story short, dad came over to watch our boys and Jo took me to a local walk-in clinic, or as a co-worker recently called it, “Doc-in-a-box”. Everything checked out and I’m fine. They cleaned and dressed my wounds and even updated my Teatnus shot (I think I may have been 14 or 15 when I had the last one).

On a side note, I went to high school with the woman who cleaned and dressed my wounds, though she was a few years behind me. I know it doesn’t necessarily mean the quality of care is better, but there is something very comforting and reassuring about having “home folk” take care of you when your sick and hurting, ya know? We had that pleasure last year when Aidan was born as well. It’s very nice and I appreciate it greatly.

It’s been an experience, but at least for this morning I didn’t just avoid going!

The scales here at home this morning tell me it’s time get back into the WW groove. I’ve slipped as far as I want to slip. I’ll see any area WW’s around the meeting room soon.


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One response to “Weight Watchers and a Bicycle Crash

  1. heartafire

    I appreciate this post! So often the devil wants to 9literally, in your case!) derail our plans for good and godly improvement. Stay with your WW—I really believe it is a great tool for living a longer healthier life.

    Don’t let the accident slow you down or make you skittish on your bike, either–just chalk it up to the law of chance—i.e. if you ride, you’re GOING to have falls—-not IF but WHEN—- so you’ve already had yours for this time period, now you’re good to go!

    Enjoyed your post over at Gary’s!

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