My two cents: Mark McGwire

With so many major league and major college seasons in limbo, the sports broadcasting world is dominated by the plethora of off-the-field stories: retirements, injuries, free agency, coaching changes, etc. In the midst of all, several stories in the recent week have caught the nation’s attention and have demanded my comment.

Since my first love is baseball, I want to address Mark McGwire’s recent admission of steroid use on and off through 10 years of his career, including the storied 1998 season. Some are outraged, most are bored with steroids talk in general, but I doubt anyone is truly surprised.

To Mr. McGwire: your “apology” is weak. Your timing is poor (since you’ve been hired as the hitting instructor for the St. Louis Cardinals for the upcoming season and you’ve recently been denied entry to the Hall of Fame once again). You may be sincere, but it looks like your admission is only to serve your own purposes (similar to Pete Rose and his book).

Americans are quick to forgive. The St. Louis baseball fans are some of the greatest in the nation and have welcomed you with open arms since your arrival. Baseball fans deserve more. In fact, you deserve more, Mr. McGwire. You broke an unwritten rule: whether done to heal after an injury or to improve your swing, you took steroids thereby putting your body at risk because of pride. You wanted to be healthy. You wanted to hit. You wanted to break records. You took steroids because of pride. Pride kills.

Thank you for your admission, but I pray that God confronts and breaks your pride in order to display His mercy in and through your life. You need it. We all need it.


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