The Sweet Song Kit Dulcimer Project

For Christmas 2007, my parents gave me a “Sweet Song” dulcimer kit from McSpadden Dulcimers in Mountain View, Arkansas.

I was excited about the gift and quickly started the project.
Before long, our 2nd blessing was born and the dulcimer project sat on the shelf.
I was able to work on it some here and there, but I didn’t really pick up the project again until this past summer. I started by shaping and gluing the sound braces onto the back and hammered in and filed down the frets. The fret work was the hardest job to this point and quite time consuming.

After the fretting was completed, the project seemed to move much more quickly. Very soon, the fretboard was glued to the top and left to dry.

The peghead was attached and the entire project was sanded down.

Then the first coat of Danish Oil was applied.

After each application dried, I sanded everything with 220 and before the final (3rd) application of Danish Oil I briskly rubbed all surfaces with 0000 steel wool. Here are the final pictures:


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