Such a Small Little Thing

This was first written for Treasuring Christ and first posted there on April 12, 2010. Please visit and subscribe to

It’s amazing that something so small can affect my entire body. One minute I was walking around the house totally unaware of the sole of my foot and another I could not go any longer without examining the wounded place and seeking healing.

Last Friay, Good Friday, I was off from work and it was a busy day. I spent much of the day attending to chores and errands, yet found some time in the late afternoon to rest. I kicked off my shoes, sank into my chair and relaxed to enjoy a few quiet moments.

As do all good things, the time for my break to end and I quickly busied myself in activities around the house. Rather quickly, I began to notice a sharp pain in my left foot. Having previously suffered from fasciitis on multiple occasions, I dismissing the pain as related to such and went on about my chores. Unlike fasciitis, however, the pain never dulled but in fact increased with every step.

I sat and felt the area, picked at it, and examined it but with each attempt the results were negative. I found nothing in my foot, yet each time I bore weight the pain alerted me that something was amiss. This wasn’t fasciitis pain: this pain needed attention and it needed attention quickly.

I searched for tweezers, but could not find any instead turning to my handy Leatherman Micra (everyone should have one of these!), I began to gently probe at the increasingly tender red spot on the sole of my foot. Though I could not see it with my eyes nor feel it with my fingers, eventually the precise tool found an object that was not flesh: a tiny (about 1-2mm in diameter) piece of glass.

The glass did not belong and though the glass was small, the wound it produced was growing with each step.

I wonder: “What things do I allow into my head and heart, however small they may be, that affect me in a similar way?” Earlier in the week a fellow blogger had posted this clip from Ravi Zacharias speaking of the dangers of pornography. The analogy he uses is quite profound.

Pornography 2 from Game Plan For Life on Vimeo.

James 5:16 exhorts us all to “confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.”

Brothers, let us not allow even a small thing into our hearts, but let us openly confess to another and pray for one another so we may find healing.


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