David Platt in Support of the GCRTF Report

Much like David Platt, pastor of the Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama, I owe a lot to the Southern Baptist Convention and it’s members over my lifetime. My loyalty; however, is not to the convention or to it’s growth, but to the Great Commission.

Pastor Platt has a great blog post in support of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force report:

Where My Loyalty Lies

I am a product of the Southern Baptist Convention. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church. I was involved in a Southern Baptist campus ministry during college. I spent five years in a Southern Baptist seminary. Most of my mission involvement around the world has been through Southern Baptist mission agencies. I now find myself, by the grace of God, pastoring a Southern Baptist church. I am thoroughly Southern Baptist.

All of this to say – the Southern Baptist pastors who have shepherded me, the Southern Baptist campus ministers who have mentored me, the Southern Baptist seminary professors who have educated me, and the Southern Baptist mission leaders who have given me opportunities to serve have all taught me one thing: my loyalty is not to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Read the entire article by Dr. David Platt: Why I Wholeheartedly Support the GCRTF Report … and More


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