Far from Their Heart

How do you speak of God? When? Why?

Here’s a quote from Jeremiah:

Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do all who are treacherous thrive? You plant them, and they take root; they grow and produce fruit; you are near in their mouth and far from their heart. Jeremiah 12:1-2

I was startled while reading this passage recently. My initial reaction: why would the “wicked” have God “near in their mouth” at all? Wouldn’t the “wicked” be far removed from God? Wouldn’t the “wicked” be enemies of God?

Of course, there are times when it benefits an “enemy” to go behind enemy lines. Undetected. Incognito. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Do you use God for your own good? Do you use church-y language when it’s expected because of your social circle? Because that’s the way momma taught you? To benefit your business?

Let us check ourselves make sure our mouths are speaking what’s in our hearts. We cannot deceive ourselves, for Matthew 12:34 reminds us that “out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks”. Regardless how hard we try to mask our motives, use the right words at the right time and play the church game, what’s in our hearts will be revealed.

Let us make sure we are not those who has God in our mouths but far from our hearts.



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  1. Thanks for reading, Gary!

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