We Need Men of God: Alvin Reid

Dr. Alvin Reid of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary posted yesterday: We Need Men of God, Part One. Though I am not in the habit of re-posting all or portions of anyone’s blog post, this one is well worth pointing to. Here’s an excerpt:

When Apache leader Sitting Bull turned 12 years of age he had to spend a week in the wilderness to survive. Today we have a show on television with supposed adults who turn “survival” into a glorified, “reality” game show.

Until recent animal protection laws came into play, Maasai warriors in Africa had to kill a lion with a spear at an age American youth watch Disney’s Lion King on DVD.

As youth David killed a lion and a bear; we go to the mall and build a bear.

As a youth Daniel was taken to pagan land. Today students whine like mules if their free time is held hostage to books.

Spurgeon at 21 preached to 1000s in London. George Whitefield preached to 1000s in the new world at age 25. Luther at 34 nailed 95 theses to a door and led a Reformation, while in the US the average age of a video game buyer is 37.

It is hard to lead a Reformation when you are playing Halo.

Visit AlvinReid.com or Between the Times for the remainder of the article or visit SEBTS.edu for the audio/video of the chapel message.


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