On the Vine

It’s Friday, we have snow on the ground (yet again) and I thought I’d post some articles from around the blogosphere that caused me to take note:

  • A Burst of Laughter: Some thoughts about writing Musician and author Andrew Peterson reflects upon writing after a specific night’s experience: “I am convinced that poets are toddlers in a cathedral, slobbering on wooden blocks and piling them up in the light of the stained glass…”
  • Jeff Fisher of Porn to Purity asks his readers: Is GLEE helping you with your sexual purity? I’ve not ever seen the TV show, but nonetheless Jeff makes a great point: if you’re struggling with your sexual purity, you must be aware of items in your environment that will trigger lust. It’s a battle, men. One we must fight and through God’s grace one we must win.
  • Covenant Eyes’ Breaking Free blog points to a study that states:Time on the Internet Linked to Teen Depression

    Without drawing too many conclusions from this study, this research should alert parents of older teens who are spending many hours a day—or no time at all—on the Internet. The Internet is a normal part of the intellectual and social life of modern teens, but too much or too little of it may be a symptom of depression.

  • An Interview with John Piper on the 25th Anniversary Edition of Desiring God If you’ve not read Desiring God, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Run to buy it. Justin Taylor interview’s Pastor Piper about Desiring God on the 25th anniversary of its publication. The post contains a video with John reading his journal entry from the day he first held a copy of the published work in his hands.
  • If God made me beautiful, why don’t I feel beautiful? Kari Minter relates a lesson she and her husband recently delivered to teens in their church regarding this question. Her answer is excellent.
  • The Most Influential Books for Reformed Evangelicals Kevin DeYoung polled his readers to determine what books had most influenced them in their understanding in following Christ. This is a list of the top 10 responses. I’ve read less than half – I guess I have work to do!
  • In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, here’s the video of The Guacamole Song. It’s hilarious: “Don’t make it too hot, though. We’re serving it to gringos!”
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