Joshua’s Bonk on the Noggin

On Wednesday morning, Texarkana received yet another snowfall. Since the first of the year we have received 3 significant snowfalls and this one is poised to break the record for total snow in the entire year. What an odd winter this has been.

Early Wednesday, Joshua and I had an accident. I had just let Aidan up from my lap and gave orders to go lay down in the living room so I could change him out of his overnight diaper. Joshua quickly took Aidan’s spot in my lap but since I needed to stand from my seat, I told Joshua to get up as I placed my hands on his hips and directed him away from both my lap and the table.

As I did so, his feet must have crossed because as I let go of his hips he fell headlong into our oak chest, busting his head open.

Joshua's Head Wound

Blood gushed from his head. I directed his hand to cover the wound as he and I quickly walked to the bathroom where I began first aid. We thought the wound might need stitches or stapling, but with the inclement weather all clinics around town were closed leaving only the ER’s open. Thankfully, we have a wonderful nurse-friend who lovingly shares medical advice and suggested we go and purchase some skin tape to close the wound.

I found the tape at Walgreen’s and even brought home some donuts (with sprinkles!) as an “I’m sorry”, good-will-offering.

Joshua's Head Wound

He is plenty happy.


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One response to “Joshua’s Bonk on the Noggin

  1. Sue Murphy

    If this is the worst thing that happens in his life, won’t he have an easy ride!!!!

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