To Myself at 22

Dear Me,

Congratulations on your graduation! Your college years have been filled with memories, challenges, work, relationships and transition into adulthood. You will cherish the relationships and memories you’ve made and though the next few years will separate you from your friends, they will remain very dear to you.

Life after college will be different. It’s harder to build relationships, but nonetheless necessary and beneficial. People are created to share our lives with one another. Make time for new friendships. You’re going to have to work through some feelings of awkwardness, but the return is well worth the effort.

You may find that there are many things in your education and rearing that haven’t fully prepared you for adulthood. From here on out you won’t constantly be around people within a couple of years of your own age. You will be learning how to live and work amongst people much different from you: different ages, different parts of town, different countries, languages, cultures, religions, political opinions, dreams, aspirations, convictions, and vices. Our world is quite a mix of people and all the training and experience you’ve received regarding team work you will find to be utterly valuable. Seek to get to know the people you’re around. Seek to understand them, treat them with mercy and grace, and seek to serve them first. You’ll find that goes a long way.

Shortly, Brian, you and Jo will be married. Marriage is a huge part of God’s plan for your sanctification. You don’t know that now, but you’ll find that you’re a lot nastier and sinful that you think you are. Living with another person will help you see the depth of your sin. You’ll find that though you may bring out the best of one another, you may also bring out the worst in one another. This is part of God’s plan to bring you to holiness. Learn to say, “I’m sorry”. Learn to lay your pride aside in repentance. You’ll be learning a lot about the depth of pride in your heart and the need for repentance, mostly the hard way. Marriage is harder than you think it will be, but it is also more wonderful than you can imagine. Try to learn to put Jo’s needs before your own and treat her with tenderness, bearing her weaknesses as she bears yours. God has created a beautiful thing in marriage.

I wish to give you a couple of bible verses to live by:

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? Micah 6:8

Don’t think this too simple. There’s enough of a challenge in this verse to carry you through the next 10 years and, I’m sure, many more.

…Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:16

Your time is short and the years will begin to go by more quickly. Seek to redeem – to “buy back” the time you’re given because the days are evil. Make the most of what God has given to you.

    Read the bible
    Do what it says
    Repent of your sin.
    Find life in the good news that Jesus has made a way of salvation. Trust in him for all parts of salvation: justification, sanctification, and your ultimate glorification. There’s life in the gospel of Christ. Find it and live by it.
    Love Jo. Love her as Christ loved the church and gave his life for her. Lay down your life for Jo for in doing so, you’ll find wonderful life.
    Serve those around you. Pray for them. Seek to live and to share the life-changing power of the good news of Jesus.
    Enjoy the ride.

At 32 looking back on 22,


As prompted by The Daily Post.


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