What’s Your Plan for Lent?

I do not come from a liturgical tradition, so though I knew that Easter was coming much later this year, the season of Lent began this week much to my surprise.

The last couple of years, my wife and I have attempted to do something specific throughout this season to focus our hearts on Christ’s sacrifice, death, burial and resurrection. Last year I specifically chose a book to read and scriptures to read each day while scheduling some specific short fasting periods throughout. While I may attempt that schedule again, I determined that since March usually is a very difficult month for me regarding my health (seasonal allergies), I need to spend some time in prayer and seeking guidance before I jump into more fasts (brief or sustained) during the month of March.

Here’s my plan for this year (for now):

– Continue following the TGC’s 2-year Bible Reading Plan (currently in Leviticus/Psalms and soon to be in Numbers/Psalms)
Read Jerry Bridges Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts (first half of Lent)
Re-read Max Lucado’s Six Hours One Friday (second half of Lent)
Begin memorizing Philippians (P2R)

What’s your plan?


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