Book Review: Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick

Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick: A Review
210 pages
Multnomah Books

I began this book wanting to like it.

Steven Furtick, the author of Sun Stands Still, is pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina and the church has exploded since it’s inception around 5 years ago. I rejoice with the idea of church growth, people newly coming to faith in Jesus, and churches reaching a young generation.

Elevation Church is a Southern Baptist Church. I am part of a Southern Baptist Church.

Steven Furtick received his theological education at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. I am soon moving to Louisville where I, too, will pursue theological education at Southern.

I did not like this book, nor would I recommend it to others.

Here is my greatest concern:

Furtick’s focus throughout is what we can do for God, through audacious faith, if we dare to believe the impossible. His focus is on us – not God.

His definition for audacious faith is found on page 40:

Audacious faith isn’t some newfangled, extrabiblical variety of faith. It’s a return to the core of Christianity: trusting Jesus completely in every area of your life and setting out to devote your life wholly to revealing his glory in this world.

I have no problem with his definition. I agree that those who call themselves the church need to go through life with an audacious faith in God. Our goal should be to “reveal his glory in this world”. I simply disagree with his emphasis. The church needs to be challenged to trust and obey God in little things – sacrifically loving their spouse, leading their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, integrity in personal and business affairs, being charitable with those nearby in need, offering food to the hungry and shelter to the homeless, pursuing holiness and purity in all things, putting to death fleshly desires… Furtick challenges the church not in these areas, but in dreaming big and asking God for the impossible. His challenge is to dream big, pray hard, and with audacious faith step out to accomplish big things for God. Where is the call to wait upon God? Is there not value in pouring over requests in prayer?

This book contains hints of “word of faith” and “prosperity gospel” theology – If we want it, if we can dream it, God is big enough to deliver, so ask, believe and step out in faith.

I have waited many months to write this review. I have attempted to be fair and balanced. This is Pastor Furtick’s first book, and I sense that he is a man full of ambition, zeal, and vision. I hope that this, his first book, is an overflow of such enthusiasm and not a complete picture of his theology. I will look forward to his second work, hoping for more theological balance.

Here is another review I recommend to you.

(I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. You may view and rate my review on their site here.)


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