Family Update Sept 24th

I have not posted an update for 2 months. I think it’s overdue.

On July 23rd, I left Texarkana. I am now a resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for at least the foreseeable future.

July 25th: I started my new job with Kindred Healthcare via RehabCare at the Northfield Centre for Health and Rehabilitation in Louisville, KY. The transition into Transitional Care Rehab and Long-term care has been a more difficult transition than I imagined, but nonetheless a good one so far. We seem to have a great rehab team and I enjoy working alongside such caring rehab professionals.

August 3rd: I flew back to Texarkana, we loaded a large U-Haul with the help of family and friends and on August 5th moved into our Townhouse Apartment in Louisville, KY 40223 (there’s a ridiculous # of zip codes in this city).

September 21: The Murphy family has been attending Third Avenue Baptist Church since our arrival and this past Wednesday we officially became members of 3ABC. We’re thankful for their warm welcome of our family into theirs and look forward to the years ahead of us as we grow close to the 3ABC families and see unbelievers become saved through the Holy Spirit’s work in and through the families of 3ABC. We still miss Shiloh (and Joshua was quite upset at first of our moving our membership until we assured him that he will always have a home at Shiloh – he feels much better about the new church home now) but it is a good and necessary thing to join together with a local church body here in Louisville.

October 7th: We will welcome our first visitors as Mom and Dad are coming to visit us for a long weekend. We’re all looking forward to that visit!

October 24th: We are set to close on a house – a house all belonging to us! You can follow this link for pictures, details, etc.

The townhouse has served us well enough, but we are very excited about our new home, raising our boys and making memories over our next years. We can hardly wait!

October 29th: Our planned moving date. Wanna help? We’ll take what we can get!


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  1. Sandy

    Blessings, Brian! Keeping you and your sweet little family in my prayers! I have walked in your shoes; I know God is faithful and good! ~s

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