Announcing Baby #3

Jo, my wife of nearly 11 years, is expecting our third child on or near June 4, 2012. On Friday, February 3, 2012, we had opportunity to discover the gender of our baby.

We love having boys. We enjoy their enjoyment of boy-things: legos, pirates, cars, boats, their love protecting, taking down the “crimdals” and even their love of foul smells, body sounds and bodily fluids… We are seeking to grow these rough and tumble boys into godly men, husbands, fathers and workers.

That having been said, we would love to add a girl to our home. It would be nice to had some softness to our home, some pinks and purples, bows and ribbons, dolls and tea parties. We had a wonderful girl name picked out and we were ready to start planning for baby girl Murphy.

God had other plans and instead we’re having a third boy! The announcement of a 3rd boy did prove a problem: we had yet to agree upon a name.

It’s been our goal for the names we give to our children to encompass our prayer for our child, the hope for our children, a connection to our family’s past and a heritage to live up to as they grow and mature.

With our miscarriage last spring, we had also hoped to find a name that would both seek to remember the loss of that baby as well has provide hope and healing with the arrival of this child.

Finally, with both of our boys’ names, there is a Jesus-link (Joshua – same Hebrew root name as Jesus and means “Yahweh is my salvation” and Aidan’s middle name is Emmanuel – “God with us” – a biblical allusion to Jesus who literally became God with us (humanity)). We hoped the trend could continue.

So, last Sunday night after putting the boys to bed, I sat at my desk, took out some slips of paper, and began to write on each the names and meanings that we have considered. After writing them out, I began to move them around to see what I though to be the best arrangement. After just a short while, Jo and I came up with a name that we loved:

Baxter Jason Albert Murphy

Here’s the explanation:

About two years before I was born, Mom and Dad lost their first child. Mom carried the difficult pregnancy to term only to deliver the baby stillborn: they named the baby Jason Albert.

Baxter Richard Baxter was a puritan pastor in England whose heart was to see reform within the Church of England. I’ve encountered some of his writings and I love the passion he has for sinners to come to repentance and for Christians to walk in holiness.

Jason – Chosen to honor the older brother whom I never knew. Jason (Greek in origin) is a derivative of Jesus. In Greek, Jason means “to heal”. It’s our hope and prayer that this baby boy can bring healing for the loss my Mom and Dad suffered some 35 years ago, as well as further healing in our family after the loss of our baby in May 2011.

Albert – This is a tribute to both my older brother and to my Dad – Albert J. Murphy, Jr. My Dad is a wonderful man to seek to emulate and his name is quite worthy to pass along to our son – may Baxter Jason Albert seek to carry on the character and compassion of my dad, Albert J. Murphy, Jr. Albert means “noble, bright”.

May this child bring healing to our family and others, live life as a peacemaker and one who seeks to bring unity, live a life of character and nobility, be a bright spot in our family, community and world, carry the memory of our family name and heritage and live a life filled with evidence of his faith in that Yahweh alone is his salvation as well as the only hope for the world.

May this baby be a blessing to us all.

God, give us godly, Christian men: May my sons be as arrows in the hands of a warrior (ps 127:4)…



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2 responses to “Announcing Baby #3

  1. Congratulations Brian and great name choices!

  2. Sue Murphy

    You will never know how much your name choice has touched my heart. May God bless this child and may he become a Godly man, following in the footsteps of his Daddy and his PawPaw. What a treasure….to have Godly sons!!!

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