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So long, 2011…

I am glad to see this year end. As with all years, 2011 has brought joys and 2011 brought pains. Here are a few of the highlights (long post):


  • Last winter brought atypical winter-weather for the Texarkana area and we enjoyed several days after Christmas with snow on the ground, a fire burning in the fireplace, and reading from my new Kindle. We made snowmen, threw snowballs and enjoyed being together around the house.
  • Joshua lost his 2nd tooth (we’re convinced he accidently swallowed the first)
  • I applied for license to practice occupational therapy in the states of Indiana and Kentucky and completed my application to the School of Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • February:

  • I began to apply for posted occupational therapy positions in the Louisville area. We budgeted, dreamed and began planning our move to Louisville. I received my acceptance letter from SBTS. Applications were completed for more jobs. Waiting…
  • Texarkana received more snow. Twice last winter, the city of Texarkana borrowed Snow Plows from Amarillo, Texas, brought into town by train.
  • Joshua turned 7 years old. We had a great party and Jo made an awesome Toy Story themed cake.
  • March:

  • Jo and I shared our 10th Anniversary on March 17th. Compared to many of our contemporaries, 10 years is a long marriage, but in so many ways I think we’re still just beginning. I look forward to the next 10.
  • Aidan turned 3. His birthday was great and he had an awesome castle cake.
  • Jo and I had the opportunity around our anniversary to travel to Louisville (just the two of us!). We stayed at the 21c Hotel (nice, but odd) and had the chance to get to know Louisville area. I had a face-to-face interview with a local hospital system that appeared perfectly suited to my training, experience and skills, but did not work out in my favor. The rejection of me for this seemingly perfect job was a great source of pain, depression, prayer, hurt, and contemplation for several weeks. I still do not understand what God’s plans were in the loss of that position, but I have chosen and continue to choose to trust Him in that loss.
  • April:

  • We learned that Jo was expecting a 3rd Murphy child! We love babies, and though we were concerned about adding another child to our family in the midst of a move to Louisville, we were elated at the news.
  • Jo was able to finish the quilt for Aidan:
  • May:

  • We continued to wait for employment in the Louisville area. I spoke to companies about job openings, often with the reply of “when you’re in town, give me a call”. God seemed to simply be telling us to wait. So, we prayed. I filled out job applications. We waited.
  • Around Memorial day, we learned that Jo had miscarried and we lost the baby. We cried. We hurt. We took the boys on a spontaneous trip to Little Rock and just played together.
  • June:

  • Still waiting. I finished my school year and began the summer months. Jo packed away our house. Very quickly it became evident that I was not going to have much work to do in the summer at either of my part-time jobs. Both places were simply not very busy. So, I worked when I could, and worked around the house when I couldn’t. We prayed. We waited. I made calls to places in Louisville, and called other places in Texarkana to see if they needed additional OT help. Nothing.
  • July:

  • Jo and I decided to travel back to Louisville, find an apartment to rent and move the first week of August, job or no job. We planned a weekend and I was able to set up two job interviews. The first morning, I attended both interviews and afterward was unsure if either would turn into a job offer. Just after leaving with Jo to apartment-hunt, I received a call regarding an OT position in Louisville that had just been approved for hire. The caller set up a quick interview for the next morning. The interview went well and I was offered the job on the spot – I accepted, and it was agreed that I would begin on July 25th. On July 23rd, I left Texarkana early in the morning to become a Kentucky resident… The changes had begun.
  • August:

  • We successfully loaded up the house on Crane Lane and moved into the Louisville apartment. Blessed to have several friends and family to help loading and unloading, but soon we were left to make our home in this new and far-away-land. The new job brought great challenges to me, the flaws in the apartment were growing in their annoyance, and we felt alone. I’ve heard it said by several that moving is one of the highest stressors in life – our move was not without difficulty. We settled on a church choice and sought out membership and community. Relationships, however, take time.
  • September:

  • Jo and I made the decision to again pursue home ownership. Our realtor lead Jo and the boys through all the desired communities around the area, we settled on one and made an offer – ACCEPTED! Move-in date would be just near the end of October.
  • October/November:

  • We found out that Jo was pregnant again! Due to the pregnancy failure earlier in the year, Jo and I were concerned and cautious and requested an early ultrasound – it was scheduled at 7 weeks: healthy heartbeat and all the measurements were perfect. The news was incredibly comforting

    The Sunday before we were scheduled to close on our home and move-in, Jo realized she wasn’t feeling well. A visit to the MD revealed she had contracted Pneumonia. Because Jo was pregnant, the treatment options were limited and she was ordered to rest: a LOT.

    Thursday night before beginning to move on Friday, Joshua spiked a fever: 2 Murphys down. Joshua rarely gets sick, but the next day he still had a fever. He slept quite a lot, but didn’t complain about pain or other symptoms. Joshua’s fever didn’t break for a week. It would always respond to medicine, but would not break. Surely it was viral.

    So, we moved (with the help of so many people: family and church members) successfully, and I spent the next few weeks before Thanksgiving working full time+, unpacking boxes, moving furniture, washing clothes, buying and preparing food, and caring for 2 kids and a sick wife…

  • Thanksgiving – December:

  • The Murphys traveled back to Akansas for the Thanksgiving holiday thoroughly enjoying our time “back home”. Jo felt well and we began to make Louisville our home. Relationships have begun to grow, boxes have been un-packed, and we are finding a rhythm to life here on Accomack Drive.

    2011 has ended on a good note with many changes in our little family. We are hopeful in regards to what 2012 may bring: For His glory, for His purpose, and for our ultimate good…

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